Tyler (reboot79) wrote,

College Life and Whatnot

I'm using Jenny's computer to update right now. She's got a kick ass gateway with a flat panel screen and really good speakers. We're listening to Incubus at the moment.

We're getting ready to go out 'cause it's all kinda Friday night and we have to do something! Katie is waiting for us at International Plaza 'cause we're going to eat with her parents. We consists of me, Drea (Cruasia), Catie (Ohio), Jenny (Ohio), and Bonnie (New York). I soooo murdered the spelling on Drea's hometown... SORRY! It's another frickin' country! GEEZ!

Last night was... interesting. Too many scandalous details to post, and I'd rather not incrimiate anyone... MUAHAHAHA, J/K

College is so great... I'm loving all the free time, and the fact that I don't have more than 4 classes in any one given day... I actually have a lot less than that usually, but I have 4 on Wednesdays. On Friday, I only have one!

Jenny is out of the bathroom now, so I'm gonna go! Cheerios!

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