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It's been a while

Yeah guys... I know... I rarely update anymore. I'm sorry, but I really don't have the drive to do it that much anymore... I feel so busy here, and there's always so much going on I feel bogged down when I try to sit and write it all.

My check finally came! I'm SO excited. I went on a CRAZY clothes shopping spree yesterday and got THE CUTEST clothes. I found these lace-up guys jeans at Guess... hottest pants EVER, especially on me. The top I got to go with it is to die for too... I also bought lots of regular clothes too.

I bought new speakers and a printer for my computer. These speakers KICK ASS! They're silver JBL Creature Speakers. The subwoofer looks like those ghosts from the old Super Mario Bros. video games. And the printer is the best printer I've ever seen. When I print my pictures out on glossy paper, they look professional.... honestly.

I sent an e-mail to SkyDive City today about us being interested in skydiving soon. They should be mailing back with some available dates. I can't wait. There's going to be at least 6 of us, plus all the people that are coming to watch.

It's been storming down here like crazy lately. I drove past a tornadoe today... it was fun. People think I'm crazy, but I love storms. The rain was coming down sideways and all the other cars were having trouble driving but my cute little Glitch was speeding on down the road... I'm sorry, but I wasn't trying to get sucked up inside the tornadoe.

I'm LOVING Vaughn. I was in Crescent again today and I realized what a shithole it is. The elevators are so ugly... hahaha, watch me get stuck there next year, right? I just love how Vaughn is so central... the rooms are far better, too.

I went home today. I kinda miss home, but then I also don't. I live in the middle of Tampa now... like in the city... that's exactly what I've always wanted, to be in the middle of everything. I've got the greatest friends here, and there's so much to do... I don't know. I miss the people back home, but I don't miss my home. Does that make any sense?

OMG! There are SO many cute boys here! I know of a few that are interested... Most of it is reciprocated. There's a few scary people, but then aren't there always?

That's it for now. Cheerios!

"I do not trust
So I can not love..."
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