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Gone Clubbin'!

I went to Club Hedo for the first time last night! OMG, it was SOOOOO fun. As we were standing in line in front of the place, they played this AWESOME remix of I'm a Slave 4 U and I almost creamed my pants! hahaha.

Before we went into Hedo, we went across the street to feature the foam party. I *LOVED* it but we didn't stay for long because none of us were dressed in stuff we were willing to ruin. We stayed in the foam for a short while and danced, which totally kicked ass, and then we left.

Hedo was SO crowded, but I still thought it was incredible. We walked into the second room and there were people dancing up on top of the bar like Coyote Ugly! They were playing the BEST music and the lights were flashing all over the place. I had a "techno moment" looking up at everything and having the wind from the fan blow over me. It was great. Then we moved into the next room and it was really, really hot... hahaha

So I've got a "love interest" here. I'm not going to talk about him though... no names 'cause I'm not sure about anything. All I will say is that he is FUCKING HOT and we're talking....... doop dee doop dee doo....

I'm sitting in my dorm room right now. Michelle and Joe are watching Sex and the City. I bought Queen of the Damned and I'm going to have a little DVD party with Drea, Danielle, Jenny and maybe Catie. It would be nice if (insert fucking hot boi's name here) were there too............ hint hint!

Okay. That's it for now.

"I turn to you,
'Cause you're the only one..."
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